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Maths City iSandbox

In 2023 LIFD funded the iSandbox in MathsCity.

The iSandbox is an interactive activity where users can change variables on the landscape such as water levels, freezing levels, the distance between contours on topographical maps and lots more.

It was installed on 5 th October 2023 and has quickly become the most popular exhibit.

There have been 1947 visitors to MathsCity since the iSandbox was installed. It is our third wow factor statement exhibit and has become the centre of attention. It caters for the MathsCity age range better than most of the exhibits as it is versatile and tactile. We project that 15, 000 visitors will interact with the iSandbox this year at MathsCity. The topological program is an example of learning by osmosis as visitor build terrain and see the changes to the contour lies and water movement in real time.

Video links:

iSandbox - Create Your Own Interactive World

Height Maps