Who we are.

The Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics (LIFD) is a cross-disciplinary research institute bringing together the expertise of over 150 members of staff, postdoctoral research associates and students with teaching and research interests in fluids. It aims to act as an organising centre both nationally and internationally for fluid dynamics.

What we do.

LIFD aims to be a:

  • Cross-disciplinary research institute to bring together people with interests in Fluid Dynamics
    • Research: To enable excellence in research through collaboration, facilities and support to researchers across Leeds
    • Partnerships: To build and maintain partnerships with end-users, academia and alumni
    • Training: To support cross-disciplinary postgraduate level training through taught and research programmes and short courses

Our planned activities include (though are not limited to):

  • Annual lecture, seminar programme
  • Research visits, visiting professors, strategic international partnerships
  • Strategic appointments to strengthen collaborative activity
  • MSc programme, summer school, technical short courses
  • Alumni association
  • Coordination in experimental facilities
  • Outreach including diversity and fluids demo models
  • Industry membership – consultancy, training, expertise
  • Secondments to end-users
  • High Performance Computing in Fluids
    • Establishment of user groups for use of commercial and open-source software in fluids.

Liaison with the UK Fluids Network https://fluids.ac.uk

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