The Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics (LIFD) is a cross-disciplinary research institute bringing together the expertise of over 200 members of staff, postdoctoral researchers and PhD students with teaching and research interests in fluid dynamics.

The institute was established in 2018, and builds on a 50 year interdisciplinary track record of research in fluids. We provide a hub to facilitate world-leading research and education in fluid dynamics and to bring interdisciplinary perspectives to complex flow challenges.


Our objectives focus on four key areas:

International standing: To be a world leading centre for Fluid Dynamics, and to continue to build the UK reputation for international excellence in fluid dynamics;

Collaborative research capabilities: To enable excellence through collaboration, facilities and support to researchers;

Strategic partnerships: To build and maintain partnerships worldwide with end-users, academia, funders and alumni;

Excellence in training: To support cross-disciplinary postgraduate level training through MSc, PhD and short courses.

Researchers from 12 schools and 4 faculties Over £77M in current grants Over 50% of papers from international collaborations
Collaborations with researchers in over 85 countries 2800 papers in the past 5 years; 50% in top 10% journals Impact with leading Industry partners

Our planned activities include (though are not limited to):

  • Annual lecture, seminar programme
  • Research visits, visiting professors, strategic international partnerships
  • Strategic appointments to strengthen collaborative activity
  • MSc programme, summer school, technical short courses
  • Alumni association
  • Coordination in experimental facilities
  • Outreach including diversity and fluids demo models
  • Industry membership – consultancy, training, expertise
  • Secondments to end-users
  • High Performance Computing in Fluids
    • Establishment of user groups for use of commercial and open-source software in fluids.

Liaison with the UK Fluids Network https://fluids.ac.uk

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Overview of what LIFD can offer: LIFD brochure

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Executive Committee Staff

Image of Prof Steven Tobias, Director of LIFD

Prof. Steve Tobias is the Director of the Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics. Steve is an applied mathematician with interests in studying the turbulent flows in rotating, stratified and magnetised bodies such as planets, stars and disks. Of particular current interest is the development of an (anisotropic and inhomogeneous)  statistical theory for such flows. He is currently on the Exectuive Committee of the EPSRC-supported UK Fluids Network and has funding from EPSRC, NERC, STFC, The Leverhulme Trust and the European Research Council for his research into fluid dynamics.

Prof Cath Noakes, Deputy Director of LIFD

Prof. Cath Noakes is the Deputy Director of the Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics. Cath is a chartered mechanical engineer with a background in fluid dynamics, with interests in environmental fluid flow problems, with a strong focus on indoor air quality and investigating the transmission and control of airborne infection in healthcare environments.

Dr. Claire Savy is the LIFD Centre Manager, and is also the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Fluid Dynamics Centre Manager.

Mark Allen (m.allen1@leeds.ac.uk) is the Administrative Assistant for the Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics.