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Staff profiles at the University of Leeds that have Fluid Dynamics linked research interests are listed here.

Below you will find details of LIFD's Management Board. Profiles of Executive Committee members can be found on the About page.

Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics Management Team

Name Role
Steve Tobias Director
Cath Noakes Deputy Director
Chris Davies Deputy Director
Claire Savy Manager
Kate Robinson Administrative Assistant
Peter Jimack PhD group leader
Jeff Peakall Experimental group leader
Duncan Borman MSc group leader
Onno Bokhove Industry group leader
Rob Sturman International lead
Sepideh Khodaparast University Academic Fellow in Fluid Dynamics
Kasia Nowakowska Student representative
Jurgen Schneider Biomedical representative
Amir Khan Computational group leader
Karen Steenson LIFD Research & Innovation Development Manager
Phil Livermore Machine Learning Lead
Calum Skene ECR Forum Lead


Fluid Dynamics Research Groups by School

Chemical and Process Engineering: Relevant research groups include: Institute of Process Research and DevelopmentEnergy Leeds

Chemistry: Relevant research groups include: Atmospheric and Planetary Chemistry; Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry; Colour and Polymer Science; Process Research and Development

Civil Engineering: Relevant research groups include: Energy and Sustainable BuildingsWater, Public Health and Environmental Engineering

Computing: Relevant research groups include: Artificial Intelligence; Computational Medicine; Computational Science and Engineering

Earth and Environment: Relevant research groups include: Institute of Applied Geoscience; Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics; Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science; Priestley International Centre for Climate 

Geography: Relevant research groups include: River Basin Processes and Management; Ecology and Global Change

Medicine and Health/Biology: Relevant research groups include: Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine; Cardiovascular and Sport and Exercise Sciences group

Mechanical Engineering: Relevant research groups include: Institute of Thermofluids; Institute of Functional Surfaces

Mathematics: Relevant research groups include: Applied Nonlinear Dynamics; Astrophysical and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics; Complex Materials and Industrial Mathematics

Physics and Astronomy: Relevant research groups include: Astrophysics; Theoretical Physics, Molecular and Nanoscale Physics

NameTitleAreas of expertise
Toni LassilaDrComputational fluid dynamics, finite element methods, uncertainty quantification, cardiovascular modelling
Adrian BarkerDrAstrophysical fluid dynamics, tidal interactions between planets and stars, instabilities and turbulence in astrophysics, extrasolar planets
Richard BarkerDrCarbon capture, geothermal systems, corrosion in oil and gas
Andrew BaylyProfessorGranular media, multiphase flow, computational fluid dynamics, drying and wetting, drops, colloids, printing, experimental fluid dynamics, discrete element method, pharmaceuticals
Cedric BeaumeDrInstabilities, transition to turbulence, doubly diffusive convection, dynamical systems, nonlinear dynamics, pattern formation
Mohsen BesharatDrTwo-phase transient flow; Operational problems linked to two-phase flow interactions; Energy storage solutions in water infrastructures; Compressed air energy storage
Cathryn BirchDrTropical meteorology, convection, severe weather, monsoons, the water cycle, land-atmosphere interactions, convection-permitting numerical weather models
Karen BirchProfVascular physiology, flow mediated dilation, exercise physiology, exercise and cardiovascular disease, blood flow during exercise: cardiac and peripheral using MRI or Doppler
Malenka BissellDrCardiac magnetic resonance imaging, 4D flow MRI, congenital heart disease
Alan BlythProfessorCloud physics, convection, atmospheric observations, flooding, weather forecasting
Steven BoeingDrAtmospheric flows, moist convection, plumes, thermals, large-eddy simulation, boundary layer meteorology
Onno BokhoveProfessorGeophysical fluid dynamics, experimental fluid dynamics, weather prediction models, Hamiltonian fluid dynamics, computational fluid dynamics
Peter BolladaDrPhase field, alloy solidifaction, complex fluids, non-equilibrium thermodynamics
Richard BoothDrAstrophysical fluid dynamics, planet formation, multi-phase flows
Antonia BorissovaDrCrystallisation, multiphase and multiscale systems
Duncan BormanDrComputational fluid dynamics, environmental flows, multiphase flows, mathematical modelling, hydraulic modelling, wastewater modelling, mixing, moving boundaries, free surfaces
Derek BradleyProfessorThermodynamics, combustion, energy
Neil BressloffProfessorComputational fluid dynamics, biomedical engineering and design, valves
Ian BrooksProfessorBoundary-layer meteorology, air-sea interactions, turbulent processes, polar boundary layers
David BuckleyProfMagnetic resonance imaging, measurement of tissue perfusion
Helen BurnsDr Numerical modelling, climate dynamics, atmospheric dynamics, ocean dynamics
Ralph BurtonDrNumerical weather prediction models, atmospheric dispersion, convection, orographic flow, volcano plumes
Miller Camargo-ValeroDrWastewater treatment, sewage sludge management, water and sanitation, wastewater reuse in agriculture
Jonathan CarrivickDrGlaciers, outburst floods, arctic and alpine hydrology, glacier lakes
Ken CarslawProfessorAerosols, cloud physics, climate change, climate modelling, air pollution
Olivier CayreDrColloids, emulsions, foams, polymers, interfacial phenomena
Xiaohui ChenDrMixture-coupling theory, THBMC (Thermo-Hydro-Bio-Mechanical-Chemical) modelling, nuclear waste disposal, groundwater pollution and contaminated land, reactive transport modelling
Xiaohui ChenDrCoupled Multiphase Flow in Deformable Porous Media, Machine Learning, Physics-Informed and Interpretable Machine Learning.
Netta CohenProfessorActive swimmers, bio-fluids, biomechanical models, 3D locomotion
Erica Dall'ArmelinaDrCardiology, cardiovascular imaging, cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging,
Chinmay DasDrPolymers, biophysics, soft matter, rheology
Chris DaviesProfessorGeodynamics, geodynamo theory, convection, core-mantle interactions, high-performance computing, numerical methods
Greg De BoerDrNumerical methods, aerospace design, multiscale modelling of lubricated contacts, fluid structure interactions, computational fluid dynamics
Leif DenbyDrAtmospheric flows, computational fluid dynamics, convective clouds, LES modelling
Lorna DouganProfHierarchical biomechanics; extreme biophysics; water and aqueous solutions; cryopreservation; biomolecular self-assembly; protein folding; extremophiles; single molecule force spectroscopy
Valerie DupontDrGas solid catalysis, energy efficiency, lean catalytic combustion, low nitrogen emissions, reactor modelling
Susanna EbmeierDrVolcanology, volcanic emissions, source separation, satellite remote sensing
Mike EvansDrComplex fluids, viscoelasticity, mathematical modelling, rheometry, mathematical modelling
Stephen EvansProfMicrobubbles, microfluids, nanoparticles
Michael FairweatherProfessorTurbulence modelling, turbulent reacting flows, turbulent multi-phase flows, nuclear thermal hydraulics, computational fluid dynamics, combustion, slurry flows for waste disposal, experimental hydraulic transport, carbon capture and storage
Sam FalleProfessorCompressible flow, magneto-gas dynamics, detonations, dynamical systems
Massimiliano FasiDrNumerical linear algebra, numerical analysis, computer arithmetic
David FergusonDrMagmatic processes, volcanic processes, volcanic plumes, magmatism within the Earth system
Paul FieldProfessorConvection, clouds, precipitation, organised weather systems
Quentin FisherProfessorGeomechanics, petrophysics, petroleum engineering
Louise FletcherDrAerobiology, waste management, control of pathogens indoors and outdoors
Alan GadianDrMeteorology, microphysics of clouds, atmospheric numerical modelling, atmospheric dynamics
Mojtaba GhadiriProfessorParticulate solids, attrition and comminution, droplets, coalescence, supercritical fluid processing spray, granular media, nanopowder processing, agglomeration
Carl GilkesonDrHigh and low speed aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, flow control, flight mechanics, orbital mechanics, aerobiology
Emanuel GloorProfessorGlobal carbon cycle, Amazonian climate, atmospheric greenhouse gas measurements, geophysical modelling of atmospheric transport and climate
Mohamed GouizaDrGeological processes, geodynamic/numerical modelling, lithosphere deformation
Carlos GrattoniDrDisplacement processes in reservoir rocks, low permeability rocks, petrophysical properties and flow, porosity, permeability, capillary pressure
John GreenwoodProfessorCardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging, percutaneous coronary intervention, myocardial infarction
Stephen GriffithsDrAtmospheric flows, internal waves, ocean processes, rotating flows, shallow water flows, stratified flows, magnetohydrodynamics, linear and nonlinear waves, ocean tides, waves in rotating fluids, numerical modelling
Bruce HansonProfSpent fuel management, nuclear materials management , nuclear fuel cycles
David HarbottleDrRheology, colloids, surface chemistry, suspensions, emulsions, surfactant science, multiphase flows
Oliver HarlenDrViscoelasticity, colloids, suspensions, non-Newtonian fluids, inkjet printing, gravity currents, finite element method, lubrication theory, liquid bridges
Thomas HartquistProfessorMagnetohydrodynamics, dusty plasma, diffuse astrophysical media
Ali HassanpourDrComputational fluid dynamics, distinct element method, granular media, flowability of powders, behaviour of drops under electric field, porosity
David HeadDrBiofilms, viscoelasticity of fibre networks, computational biophysics
Dwayne HeardProfAtmospheric chemistry; field measurements of hydroxyl and other radicals; reaction kinetics and photochemistry; aerosols and heterogeneous chemistry; planetary and interstellar chemistry
Peter HeggsProfessorBoiling, condensation, heat exchangers, heat transfer enhancement
Dave HodgsonProfessorSedimentology, flux of sediment from continents to oceans
Arun HoldenProfessorComputational models of muscular organs, cardiac physiology, uterine physiology, computational cardiac electrophysiology, magnetic resonance imaging
Rainer HollerbachProfessorMagnetohydrodynamics, dynamo theory, hydrodynamic stability theory
David HughesProfessorMagnetohydrodynamics, astrophysical fluid dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, instability theory, dynamo theory, turbulence, numerical modelling
Timothy HunterDrUltrasonics, foams, emulsions, surfactants, polymers, suspension rheology
Brian IrvineDrSedimentology, sediment transport, turbulent flow processes, water resource management, flood frequency analysis
Masoud JabbariDrCFD, rheology, porous materials, additive manufacturing, battery manufacturing, battery thermal management
Louise JenningsProfCardiovascular, heart valve replacements, hydrodynamic flow experiments
Xiaodong JiaDrParticle-level modelling and simulations, non-spherical particles, discrete element methods, granular flow, powder flowability, porous media, thermal conductives, coating, melting
Peter JimackProfessorComputational fluid dynamics, finite element methods, multigrid methods, scientific computing
Jitse NiesenDrDynamical systems, numerical analysis
Chris JonesProfessorAstrophysical fluid dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, magnetic field generation in the Earth and other planets, thermal convection in rotating and magnetic systems, winds in the giant planets, the solar dynamo, pattern formation
Nik KapurProfessor Heat transfer, experimental fluid dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, droplets, sprays, coating, material characterisation
Terry KeeDrHydrogels, soft matter, astrobiology
Gareth KeevilDrExperimental fluid dynamics, experimental sedimentology, imaging of fluid dynamics, applications of lasers in fluid dynamics, application of particle imaging velocimetry
Mark KelmansonProfessorThin-films, coating, ophthalmic flows
Evy KersaléDrAstrophysical fluid dynamics, stellar flows, magnetohydrodynamics
Amirul KhanDrComputational fluid dynamics, particle dispersion in turbulent flows, Lattice Boltzmann method, numerical optimisation, medical flow
Sepideh KhodaparastDrExperimental fluid mechanics, applied fluid mechanics, microfluids, nanofluids, surfactant science
Megan KlaarDrNatural flood management, hydroecology, extreme hydrological events, water resource management
Xiaojun LaiDr
Daniel LesnicProfessorInverse problems, boundary element method, heat and mass transfer, porous media, critical Stokes number
Phil LivermoreDrGeophysics, modelling the Earth's core, geomagnetism, numerical modelling
Piroska LorincziDrPetroleum reservoirs, reservoir simulation, numerical modelling
Fleur LoveridgeDrHeat decarbonisation, ground heat storage, climate and vegetation interactions, soil permability
Alice MacenteDrX-ray Microscopy imaging, Fluid-rock interactions, Porous media, Fluid Flow, CO2 sequestration, Correlative Imaging
Tariq MahmudDrMultiscale process modelling, computational fluid dynamics, crystallisation, spray drying
Graham MannDrStratospheric composition, volcanic impacts on climate, aerosol microphysics modelling, polar stratospheric clouds, mineral dust influences
Vernon ManvilleDrCatastrophic flooding, sedimentology, lahars, debris avalanches
Xiaoan MaoDrExperimental fluid dynamics, thermoacoustic energy system, heat exchangers, thermal storage
John MarshamProfessorTropical meteorology, atmospheric convection, weather and climate, monsoons, land-atmosphere interactions
Ben MaybeeDrAtmospheric dynamics, Mesoscale Convective Systems, tropical teleconnections
Amanda MaycockDrClimate science, climate change, climate modelling, atmospheric dynamics, chemistry-climate interactions
Bill McCaffreyProfessorClastic sedimentary, sediment transport, experimental modelling, turbidity currents
Jim McQuaidDrAtmospheric observations, aerosols, air pollution, climate change
Stephen MobbsProfessorMesoscale meteorology, boundary layer dynamics, chemical transport
Jon MoundDrGeodynamics, geomagnetism, Earth's core, core-mantle interactions
Nigel MountneyProfGeological processes, sedimentology, fluvial processes, numerical modelling
Frans MullerProfKinetic modelling, mixing, multiphase reactions, thixotropic fluids, flow field validation, thermodynamics, flow chemistry, slow flow reactors
Andrew MullisProfessorSolidification, crystallisation, phase-field simulation
Bill MurphyDrLandslides, engineering geology
Benjamin MurrayProfAtmospheric dynamics, aerosols, clouds, aerosol-cloud interactions
Nikolaos NikitasDrAerodynamics, aeroelasticity, experimental dynamics
Girish NivartiDrRotating convection, turbulent zonal jets, flame propagation, scalar transport
Catherine NoakesProfessorIndoor air quality, airborne infection, ventilation, building performance, computational fluid dynamics, air quality and pollution, decontamination, bioaerosols, health impacts, risk models
Daya PandeyDrBioenergy, Biofuels, Energy Systems, Reactor Modelling and Thermofluids
Doug ParkerProfessorMeteorology, weather and climate, convective storms, tropical meteorology, monsoons, atmospheric dynamics, gravity currents, baroclinic flows, air/sea interactions, waves in rotating fluids, marine transport, quasi-geostrophic flows, topographic effects, air quality and pollution
Jeff PeakallProfessorSedimentology, particle-laden flows, experimental fluid dynamics, submarine channels, injectites
Sam PeglerDrViscous dynamics, glacial mechanics, porous media, free-boundary problems, fluid-structure interactions
Sandra PiazoloProfessorGeological processes, fluid-rock interaction, numerical modelling, experiments
Julian PittardDr Colliding stellar winds, computational fluid dynamics, dynamics of the interstellar medium, star formation, stellar feedback
Colin PittsDrWater pollution
Sven PleinProfessorBiomedical imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, cardiology, cardiovascular disease
Arash RabbaniDr Fluid flow modelling in porous media, 3-D image segmentation, machine learning, Digital reconstruction and characterisation of porous material.
Thomas RannerDrFinite element methods, moving interfaces, free boundary problems, undulatory locomotion of microswimmers
Alex RapDrAerosol radiative forcing, ozone radiative forcing, biosphere-atmosphere interactions, contrails
Simon ReesDrGeothermal heating and cooling, energy and renewable systems, thermal energy storage, room hwat transfer
Hugh RiceDrAcoustic backscatter, order lattice theory, doppler and time-domain velocimetry, in-line rheometry, numerical methods, mathematical modelling
Mark RichardsonDrComputational fluid dynamics, environmental modelling, multiphase flows, numerical modelling, high performance computing, parallel computing
Ralf RichterDrPhysical chemistry of biological systems, biointerfaces, soft biological matter, cell dynamics, cell adhesion under flow
Andrew RossDrBioenergy, hydrothermal processing of biomass, biofuels
Andrew RossDrAtmospheric dynamics, boundary-layer meteorology, mountain meteorology, land-atmosphere interactions, convection over orography, fog formation, gravity currents, cold pools, tropical cyclones
Alastair RucklidgeProfPattern formation, Faraday waves, nonlinear dynamics, chaotic dynamics
David RussellHonorary Clinical Associate ProfessorWound healing, lower limb revascularisation
Ali Sarrami FouroushaniDrCardiovascular Biomechanics; Biofluids; Biotransport; Thrombosis; Medical Device; In-silico Clinical Trials; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Finite Element Methods; Uncertainty Quantification
Jurgen SchneiderProfMagnetic resonance imaging, diffusion MRI
Juliane SchwendikeDrTropical meteorology, tropical cyclones, convection, high-impact weather, monsoons, large-scale circulations
Julian ScottProfCardiovascular imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, Diffusion MRI
Andrew ShiresDrAerodynamics, wing design, wind tunnel test techniques, flow control techniques
Andrew SleighDrComputational fluid dynamics, river flow, flood modelling, wastewater treatment
Mark SmithDrRivers, floods, hydrology, glaciers
Stephen SmyeProfMathematical models in medicine and biology, magnetic resonance imaging, electroporation, aerosol physics, reactive hyperaemia
Paul StewartProfessorCardiovascular science, metabolism, endocrinology
Rob SturmanDrFluid mixing, dynamical systems
Jon SummersDrCoating, wetting, mixing, thin films, thermal management of data centres
Harvey ThompsonProfessorComputational fluid dynamics, heat transfer, optimisation, two phase flow, printing, drying, coating
Steven TobiasProfessorDynamo theory, Bernard convection, moist convection, plumes, Taylor-Couette flow, double diffusive convection, waves in rotating fluids, magneto convection, vortex dynamics, chaos, turbulence, instabilities, mixing and dispersion, computational methods
Alison TomlinProfessorCombustion, air quality, renewable energy technologies, small-scale wind energy, renewable fuels in transport
Mark TriggDrWater related risk, hydrodynamics, hydrology, rivers, flood plains, flood hazard, modelling, remote sensing
Charalampos TsoumpasDrTomographic imaging, medical imaging, positron emission tomography, computational modelling
Sven Van LooDrHydrodynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, dusty plasma, star formation, numerical simulations
Mark WalkleyDrComputational modelling, finite element method, mesh generation, time integration, parallel computing
Mi WangProfessor Process tomography and sensing, complex process and multiphase flow measurement and imaging
Chris WareingDrComputational fluid dynamics, astrophysical fluid dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics
Mark WilsonDrMultiphase flows, drops, breakup and coalescence, drag reduction, capillary flows, free surface flows, thin flims, lubrication theory, wetting, printing, coating
Kejun WuDrMicrofluids, experimental fluid mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, ionic liquids, heat and mass transfer
Bao Hua XuDr
Junfeng YangDrThermofluids, combustion kinetics, flame propagation, spray physics, engine combustion, turbulence, complex multiphase flow, heat and mass transfer
Bruce YardleyProfessorCrustal fluid compositions, formation of hydrothermal ores, water residence in the deep crust, fluid-rock interactions