Staff profiles at the University of Leeds that have Fluid Dynamics linked research interests are listed here. Broad areas of Fluid Dynamics research undertaken in each School are listed below:

Chemical and Process Engineering: Key research areas are CFD, multiphase and turbulent flows, fluid mechanics, powers, spray and coatings. Examples of key projects in this School are: ‘Re-examining drag reduction: the important interplay between surface and fluid properties’ (D. Harbottle) and ‘Coupling of tomography and CFD for pipeline multiphase flow measurement and pipeline assurance’ (M. Wang)

Chemistry: The main research areas are dyes, pigments, colourants and formulation and delivery of functional complex fluids systems.

Civil Engineering: Key research areas are CFD, hydrology, turbulent flows, environmental flows and flood dynamics. Examples of key projects in this School are: ‘Development of Computational Models to Design Upper Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Air Disinfection Systems in Hospital Environments’ (C. Noakes) and ‘Industrial application (modelling) of particle methods for open channel flows’ (D. Borman)

Computing: The main research areas are CFD and complex fluids. Examples of key projects in this School are: ‘A finite element model for the Boussinesq equations’ (M. Walkley) and ‘Adaptive multilevel modelling of two-phase flow problems’ (P. Jimack)

Earth and Environment: Key research areas are weather and climate modelling, atmospheric dynamics, core-mantle interactions, multiphase flows, flood and sediment dynamics. Examples of key projects in this School are: ‘New real-world field-scale calibration for improved turbidity current impact modeling’ (R. Dorrell), ‘African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis’ (D. Parker) and projects within the Turbidites Research Group (TRG)

Geography: Key research areas are flood and river dynamics, hydrology and sediment dynamics. Examples of key projects in this School are: ‘Modelling rapid landscape change due to outburst floods’ (J. Carrivick) and ‘MorphSed: investigating the morpho-sedimentary dynamics of human-stressed fluvial systems and implications for ecological diversity on the Upper Cinca River’ (M. Smith)

Mechanical Engineering: Key research areas are CFD, fluid mechanics, droplets, sprays, coating and printing, and thermofluids. Examples of key projects in this School are: ‘Modelling and optimisation of heat exchangers including working on high heat density cooling’ (N. Kapur) and ‘Air and liquid cooling technologies for electronics cooling and data centres’ (H. Thompson)

Mathematics: Key research areas are CFD, geophysical fluid dynamics, multiphase flows and compressible flows. Examples of key projects in this School belong to the Astrophysical and Geophysical Fluids group, such as ‘Geometric integrators and closure theory in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics’ (O. Bokhove)

Physics and Astronomy: The main research areas are CFD, astophysical fluid dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics and hydrodynamics. An example of a projects within this School is ‘The interaction of hydrodynamic shocks with self-gravitating clouds’ (T. Harquist and S. Falle)

Chemical and Process Engineering

Andrew BaylyProfessorChemical and Process Engineering
Alan BurnsDrChemical and Process Engineering
Olivier CayreDrChemical and Process Engineering
Michael FairweatherProfessorChemical and Process Engineering
Mojtaba GhadiriProfessorChemical and Process Engineering
David HarbottleDrChemical and Process Engineering
Ali HassanpourDrChemical and Process Engineering
Peter HeggsProfessorChemical and Process Engineering
Timothy HunterDrChemical and Process Engineering
Artur J. JaworskiProfessorChemical and Process Engineering
Xiaodong JiaDrChemical and Process Engineering
Xiaoan MaoDrChemical and Process Engineering
Joseph Ghaffari MotlaghDrChemical and Process Engineering
Andrew MullisProfessorChemical and Process Engineering
Derrick NjobuenwuDrChemical and Process Engineering
Jiri PolanskyDrChemical and Process Engineering
Andrew RossDrChemical and Process Engineering
Alison TomlinProfessorChemical and Process Engineering
Mi WangProfessorChemical and Process Engineering
Bao Hua XuDrChemical and Process Engineering


Terry KeeDrChemistry
Long LinProfessorChemistry

Civil Engineering

Sangaralingam AhilanDrCivil Engineering
Duncan BormanDrCivil Engineering
Miller Camargo-ValeroDrCivil Engineering
Louise FletcherDrCivil Engineering
Raul FuentesDrCivil Engineering
Amirul KhanDrCivil Engineering
Fleur LoveridgeDrCivil Engineering
Nikolaos NikitasDrCivil Engineering
Catherine NoakesProfessorCivil Engineering
Simon ReesDrCivil Engineering
Yong ShengDrCivil Engineering
Andrew SleighDrCivil Engineering
Mark TriggDrCivil Engineering
Dongmin YangDrCivil Engineering


Peter BolladaDrComputing
Peter JimackProfessorComputing
Mark WalkleyDrComputing

Earth and Environment

Cathryn BirchDrEarth and Environment
Alan BlythProfessorEarth and Environment
Steven BoeingDrEarth and Environment
Ian BrooksProfessorEarth and Environment
Ralph BurtonDrEarth and Environment
Ken CarslawProfessorEarth and Environment
Chris DaviesDrEarth and Environment
Robert DorrellDrEarth and Environment
David FergusonDrEarth and Environment
Paul FieldProfessorEarth and Environment
Quentin FisherProfessorEarth and Environment
Tom FletcherDrEarth and Environment
Alan GadianDrEarth and Environment
Carlos GrattoniDrEarth and Environment
Dave HodgsonProfessorEarth and Environment
Gareth KeevilDrEarth and Environment
Phil LivermoreDrEarth and Environment
Piroska LorincziDrEarth and Environment
Graham MannDrEarth and Environment
Vernon ManvilleDrEarth and Environment
John MarshamDrEarth and Environment
Amanda MaycockDrEarth and Environment
Bill McCaffreyProfessorEarth and Environment
Stephen MobbsProfessorEarth and Environment
Jon MoundDrEarth and Environment
Nigel MountneyDrEarth and Environment
Bill MurphyDrEarth and Environment
Doug ParkerProfessorEarth and Environment
Jeff PeakallProfessorEarth and Environment
Colin PittsDrEarth and Environment
Andrew RossDrEarth and Environment
Juliane SchwendikeDrEarth and Environment
Anthony StockdaleDrEarth and Environment
Rob ThomasDrEarth and Environment
Andrew WalkerDrEarth and Environment
Xianyun WenDrEarth and Environment
Bruce YardleyProfessorEarth and Environment


Jonathan CarrivickDrGeography
Emanuel GloorProfessorGeography
Brian IrvineDrGeography
Mark SmithDrGeography


Adrian BarkerDrMathematics
Cedric BeaumeDrMathematics
Onno BokhoveProfessorMathematics
Sam FalleProfessorMathematics
Stephen GriffithsDrMathematics
Celine GuervillyDrMathematics
Oliver HarlenDrMathematics
Rainer HollerbachProfessorMathematics
David HughesProfessorMathematics
Jitse NiesenDrMathematics
Chris JonesProfessorMathematics
Mark KelmansonProfessorMathematics
Evy KersaléDrMathematics
Daniel LesnicProfessorMathematics
Sam PeglerDrMathematics
Rob SturmanDrMathematics
Steven TobiasProfessorMathematics

Mechanical Engineering

Derek BradleyProfessorMechanical Engineering
Carl GilkesonDrMechanical Engineering
Nik KapurProfessor Mechanical Engineering
Malcolm LawesDrMechanical Engineering
Tomasz LiskiewiczDrMechanical Engineering
Anne NevilleProfessorMechanical Engineering
Daniel RuprechtDrMechanical Engineering
Andrew ShiresDrMechanical Engineering
Jon SummersDrMechanical Engineering
Harvey ThompsonProfessorMechanical Engineering
Mark WilsonDrMechanical Engineering

Physics and Astronomy

Thomas HartquistProfessorPhysics and Astronomy
Julian PittardDr Physics and Astronomy
Sven Van LooDrPhysics and Astronomy