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Industry and End-User Partnerships

Industry and End-User Partnerships

Partnerships with industry and end-users are critical across our research portfolio, enabling definition of relevant research projects and facilitating impact into guidance, policy and practice. We use industry facing study groups, workshops and sandpit events to explore challenges, and we have a range of mechanisms for collaborative working with external partners, offering different timescales, costs and complexity.


Student routes Grant funded Direct support
Undergrad/MSc projects


Short term (3-6 months), low risk, low cost. Ideal way of building a relationship and exploring an idea.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships


Cost share scheme for industry driven R&D projects, typically 2-3 years with a dedicated research associate.



Short term with retention of IP, but relatively high cost. Good for short focused projects.

Co-funded PhDs


Ideal for underpinning research to support new ideas. Cost share with research council via CDT or CASE schemes. Typically 3-4 years.

Innovate funding


Industry led grant schemes focusing on strategic R&D and in partnership with academia.

Direct funded research


Lower cost than consultancy, developed in partnership with academic. Usually allows retention of IP.

Fully sponsored PhDs


Similar to co-funded, but enables stronger partner steer and retention of IP.

Research grant partner


Academic led projects, with industry partner in-kind or small value. Low risk, but over longer timescale. Good for building relationships.

Strategic partnership


Long term approach, usually where there are multiple connections or projects. Supported through a partnership agreement

Other In-kind support:

  • Input into our LIFD Advisory board 
  • Supervise PhD or MSc projects aligned to your organisation’s interests (no ownership of IP) 
  • Offer placements, mentoring, talks to students/staff, deliver training 
  • Provide access to kit and lab space and/or data and software 
  • Technical support/input to research projects

Why work with us?

You can:

  • Access a pool of highly qualified academic staff and students conducting cutting edge research 
  • Progress research ideas / fundamental understanding needed in your business / organisation which can’t be completed in-house 
  • Access relevant seminars, events and training 
  • Access a highly-qualified pool of graduates for recruitment 
  • Promote your company’s association with LIFD on our webpages / social media 
  • Influence our fluids training programmes at Leeds to ensure graduates meet your future business / organisation needs 

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