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The Maths Foresees Network

The Maths Foresees Network forges links between academics and industry to rethink their approach to modelling extreme weather events and promote the mathematical modelling of environmental hazards among the general public. Launched in May 2015 under the EPSRC Living With Environmental Change umbrella, the network has brought together researchers in the applied mathematics and environmental science communities and end-users of environmental research.

Alongside our industry partners – including the Met Office, the Environment Agency, JBA Trust, HR Wallingford, Pennine Prospects, Leeds City Council and Fugro GEOS – we deliver general assemblies, study groups (solving various industrial/environmental challenges:, workshops, and public engagement activities. The network has also awarded a range of feasibility studies, outreach projects, and workshops totalling £125k to date. Together, These activities have facilitated the development of innovative solutions relevant to industry and helped to communicate the role of mathematics in the prediction and mitigation of extreme events. The network is based in the School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds, and is led by Professor Onno Bokhove and coordinated by Dr Tiffancy Hicks.

For more information contact Dr Tiffany Hicks: