LIFD Colloquia

  • Date:
  • Time: 14.00-16.30
  • Venue: Chemical and Process Engineering LTA

14.00-14.20: Thomas Sykes, CDT Fluid Dynamics ‘Internal Flows within Coalescing Droplets’

14.20-14.40: Dr Priya Subramanian ‘Spatio-temporal patterns in inclined convection’

14:40 LIFD Colloquium given by Professor Herbert Huppert FRS  (Cambridge)

15:40-16:30 Coffee/Tea and Biscuits

Confirmed invited speaker Prof Herbert Huppert

Talk title: Flow of granular material: from the collapse of an anthill to the destruction of the Antarctic Ice Sheet


Granular media, with a large number of unconnected grains, form, and can flow, in many natural and industrial situations, from anthills through rockfalls, volcanic eruption outputs, grain silo collapses, demolition of large buildings through to  dislodgement of giant ice bergs from the edge of an ice sheet. The talk, which will be illustrated by a series of desk-top simulations, will discuss granular collapse in either air or water resulting in a propagating gravity current and / or a different steady structure.  Despite the presence of small-scale volcanic eruptions, building collapses and huge ice berg formations on the front desk during the colloquium, the audience is guaranteed to be safe.