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LIFD Early Career Researcher Spotlight: Marwaan Al Khafaji



Thesis title: Towards Zero Carbon Emission Hydrogen Gas Turbine

School/ Faculty: School of mechanical engineering/ Faculty of engineering physics and science

Supervisors: Dr. Junfeng Yang, Prof. Alison Tomlin, prof. Harvey Thompson, Dr. Gregory de Boer

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a 3rd year PhD student in the CDT Fluid here at Leeds. I did my bachelor in the mechanical engineering at university of Mosul/Iraq, and Master of engineering science in the mechanical engineering at the university of southern Queensland/Australia. I am a senior engineer in the Iraqi ministry of electricity/ energy production department. In this department, we would like to produce energy with minimum effect on the environment. Therefore, I have joined this project which aims at producing hydrogen gas turbine (zero carbon emission).

What is your research about?

Future power systems aiming to achieve net zero CO2 emissions are likely to include carbon-free fuels such as hydrogen as a means of storing renewably derived electricity and providing flexible power when renewables are in short supply (e.g. during periods of low winds). Hydrogen, however, has very different combustion properties from methane and natural gas. Therefore, it is crucial to understand its behaviour in blending with these fuels in fundamental and practical combustion systems. We used the experimental facility in the combustion laboratory here. We are using the experimental results to validate a numerical model. This model will be used in the design of gas turbine combustor.

What did you wish you knew before starting a PhD?

My main objective was to have a valid numerical model simulating the fluid flow in gas turbine. I finished the experimental parts 6 months ago and I am working on this model. I think yes, I can achieve this goal, during the remaining 10 months.

What are your plans for the future?

I will back to my job in energy production department in Iraq. I will be more qualified to be a supervisor for engineers to improve this sector.