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LIFD Community Day


On 19th January the Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics welcomed over 60 academics, postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and research and innovation colleagues to our 2023 LIFD Community Day. 






We had a fantastic series of talks that reflected the breadth of fluids research at Leeds. 

We hope to share a recording of the day on our YouTube channel in the coming weeks. 


Below provides a summary of the day, with links to oral and poster presenters’ staff profiles so you can find out more about their research and how to get in touch for collaborative discussion! 

Anne Juel - Dynamics of inertialess sedimentation 

Neil Bressloff - From Aerodynamics to Haemodynamics, it’s all in the boundary conditions 

Sepideh Khodaparast - Fluid-based fabrication of micro/nano-structured surfaces 

Srikanth Toppaladoddi - Nonlinear interactions between fluid flows and phase boundaries 

Anna Guseva - Turbulence from a structural point of view 

Katie Chicot - MathsCity to MathsWorld 

Junfeng Yang - Combustion Instability of Net-zero energy: Hydrogen and Ammonia 

Cath Noakes - Fluid Dynamics for Public Health 

Phil Livermore - Scientific machine learning 

Amirul Khan - Computational Fluid Dynamics and Societal challenges 

Alexander Edwards - A mathematical model for assessing transient airborne infection risks in a hospital [poster]  

Joseph Myers Hill - Polynomial mixing rates in non-monotonic al

ternating shear flows [poster] 

Gamze Yuksel - State estimation and future state prediction of wake flow [poster] 

Andrew Bate - Modelling respiratory virus exposure on local buses [poster] 

As part of our Community Day we are asking our members "what can LIFD do for you?" To provide answers to this question please use the following form:

What can LIFD do for you?