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LIFD Management Committee: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead


We are recruiting for a new role on our management committee to support the development and implementation of the LIFD equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) framework, and to act as an advocate for the community. 

Appointment term 

  • 2 Year appointment 
  • Approximately 5% FTE commitment 

Application requirements 

  • Can demonstrate a passion and knowledge of EDI in a STEM setting 
  • Open to all staff who work in fluid dynamics  
  • Open to current & past management committee members 
  • Has agreement from line-manager  

Description of role 

  • To champion EDI within the LIFD community and management committee. 
  • To support the identification of EDI priorities and the development of related actions.  
  • To ensure that EDI issues are considered within the operations and working practices of LIFD. 
  • To monitor and assist in issues of retention and career progression in fluid dynamics with the aim that everyone should have equal career opportunities. 
  • To engage with the community and bring EDI concerns, suggestions or feedback to the management committees’ attention.  
  • To participate in LIFD management activities, including attending monthly meetings and supporting events.  
  • To liaise with groups affiliated with LIFD, such as UK Fluids Network and the University’s EDI team, to ensure that new ideas and best practices in EDI are shared more broadly. 

Application Process 

  • Submission of a personal statement (up to 500words) outlining experiences to be brought to the role, emailed to as soon as possible.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the LIFD Director and Manager and other members of the Committee who will convene short interviews if necessary.