Newton Institute Event

From the 16th to the 21st of October the University of Leeds with support from School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds, the Isaac Newton Institute, and the Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics, hosted the ‘Fluid Flow and Magnetic Field Generation in Fluids and Plasmas’ workshop. This event was a satellite meeting of the Isaac Newton Institute programme ‘Frontiers in dynamo theory: from the Earth to the stars’, forming the second workshop of the programme. The week-long workshop was packed with talks and poster presentations, in addition to invited reviews from Frank Stefani (HZDR Dresden-Rossendorf), Julien Aubert (IPGP Paris), Mike Calkins (University of Colorado), Celine Guervilly (University of Newcastle), Michael LeBars (IRPHE Aix-Marseilles University), and Susanne Horn (University of Coventry). There was even a chance to take a guided tour of Leeds city centre or visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park before the conference dinner.

The workshop was a productive and enjoyable week for those involved, with the talks and posters leading to exciting follow-up discussions and new research possibilities. There was a wide range of disciplines and topics present, including theoretical, computational, and experimental studies, with relevance to planetary cores and stars. This diversity truly embodied one of the main goals of the wider program, to bring together researchers focusing one or more of these areas in isolation, allowing insights from all these fields to be consolidated, and future paths of research to be identified.

Written by Dr Calum Skene