LIFD Women In Fluids First Meeting

LIFD are looking to engage with women working in Fluid Dynamics at the University of Leeds, with the longer term aim of contacting women working nationally in Fluid Dynamics to encourage discussions and actions around improving diversity in the Fluid Dynamics sector.  To kick this off, LIFD hosted a women-in-fluids panel which included Sepideh Khodaparast (FEPS), Sandra Piazolo (SEE), Malenka Bissell (Medicine), and Danielle Bullamore (FEPS), and chaired by Vania Dimitrova.    

The panel members talked to the group one by one and gave a brief insight into their lives working in fluid dynamics and the journey they have gone on personally and professionally. They talked of the high and lows, the difficult decisions they have had to make, the various universities/countries they have worked in and much more. This then opened a discussion of how everything they have learned over the years can benefit the future of women working in Fluid Dynamics.  

The group were then asked to discuss amongst themselves what they would like to learn from the panel, they each came up with multiple questions to ask the panel leading to a very open and honest conversation between panel and participants. 

Due to the success of this get event, LIFD aim to have many more events of a similar nature. If you would like to express interest in any future events with the women in fluids panel, please email