Workshop: data-driven methods in fluid mechanics


This conference, hosted by Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics and organised with the UK Fluids Network,  is devoted to the discussion of data-driven methods in all branches of fluid dynamics for a range of applications. Contributed presentations  (talks and posters) will be accepted on both methods/algorithms and applications.

When: 30 – 31 March 2023

Where: Open Innovations 3rd Floor, Munro House, Duke Street, Leeds LS9 8AG

Invited speakers include: Paola Cinella, Georgios Rigas, Taraneh Sayadi, Jacob Page, Luca Magri.

The abstract deadline has now passed.

Contact info:

There will be an award for the best presentation for each topic and an invitation to submit a paper to Data-Centric Engineering (Cambridge University Press).

Organising committee: Luca Magri, Peter Jimack, Steven Tobias, Helen Freeman.

You can now book for this event by following this link: