LIFD ECR Twitter image competition

Competition closes midnight Friday 17th June

Each applicant should submit a research image and use two tweets to explain the image and advertise any relevant publications. Specifically, the first tweet should contain the image and a caption for a general fluids audience. The second tweet can contain more specific scientific details, along with links. Each tweet should have the hashtag #LIFDECRImg22.

The winner will get £50 in prize money/a voucher, as well as their image being used for the ECR Twitter account banner.

The competition will be judged by a panel within LIFD. Each image will be rated against the following criteria:

  • The image: Is the image clear? Does it showcase a fluids related scientific principle well? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Is it creatively put together (for example a clever data visualisation, or a striking colour scheme)?
  • The tweets: Is the caption tweet-able to promote the image to a general audience? Does the caption describe the image effectively? Is there a prominent scientific message? Do the tweets captivate the audience to seek further information?

In the first instance we will use the scores from the poll in order to choose a winner. If there is a tie we will ask each judge to rank the tied entries and this will be used to determine a winner.

Please ensure that you have the rights to images if they appear in papers.

An example submission is provided below:

Tweet 1:

Fluid flowing past an object occurs in many flows of interest, such as air travelling over an aerofoil to provide lift. Instability means that a Von-Karman vortex street often forms behind the object, as shown in the above image of flow around the LIFD ECR logo. #LIFDECRImg22

Tweet 2:

The simulation was performed using the immersed boundary method. Specifically the implementation provided by the open-source code IBMOS (, written by Fosas de Pando. #LIFDECRImg22