CONFAP and UK Academies announce approved proposals in Newton Fund call

A total of 40 joint proposals from Brazilian and British researchers were received in a joint call between CONFAP (Brazilian National Council of State Funding Agencies) and UK Academies, launched in 2016. State Funding Agencies (FAPs) from 9 states have participated in the call, and 7 of them will support projects that will be developed in their related federative units: FAPDF (Distrito Federal), Fundação Araucária (Paraná), FAPESPA (Pará), FAPESC (Santa Catarina), FAPEMIG (Minas Gerais), FACEPE (Pernambuco) and FAPESP (São Paulo).

The call’s aim is to bring British researchers to Brazilian institutions for periods that vary from 15 days to 4 years, through Fellowships, Research Mobility Grants or Young Investigator Grants. They will develop studies with their colleagues (co-applicants in the call) in many knowledge areas: Engineering, Social Sciences, Medical Sciences, Humanities and Natural Sciences.

The invested amount from proposals submitted to SIGCONFAP system (that doesn’t includes FAPESP) will represent approximately R$ 441,000. This was the third joint call with UK Academies launched since 2014, when the partnership between CONFAP and Newton Fund was established. More than 80 researchers have already been supported by previous calls.

Dr Amirul Khan (University of Leeds) has been awarded funding in collaboration with Dr Sandro Rogerio Lautenschlager (Universidade Estadual de Marina-UEM) under the CONFAP-UK Newton Fund 2016/17 for the project ‘Development and application of a novel real-time massively parallel simulation tool for environmental flows (Building a Brazilian-UK partnership on the development of next generation simulation-based tools for smart & resilient urban systems)’.

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