Special Interest Groups – UK Fluids Network

The University of Leeds is involved in 12 newly established Special Interest Groups, 2 of which are led by Leeds.

  • Drop dynamics
  • Flow instability, modelling and control
  • Fluid dynamics of liquid crystalline materials
  • Fluid mechanics of cleaning and decontamination
  • Granular flows  in the environment and industry
  • Low-energy ventilation (led by Prof Cath Noakes, University of Leeds)
  • Multiphase flows and transport phenomena
  • Multi-scale and non-continuum flows
  • Multi-scale processes in geophysical fluid dynamics
  • Next generation time-stepping strategies for computer simulations of multi-scale fluid flows (led by Dr Daniel Ruprecht, University of Leeds)
  • Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics
  • Urban fluid mechanics

These groups are funded by the UK Fluids Network, further information is available on https://www.ukfluids.net/sig