School of Civil Engineering and Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics (LIFD) joint seminar

  • Date:
  • Time: 15:00- 16:00
  • Location: Mechanical Engineering LT B and via TEAMs

We have the pleasure of inviting you all to the forthcoming School of Civil Engineering and Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics (LIFD) joint seminar series of 2021-22.

The next seminar/webinar will be taking place on Wednesday the 9th of February 2022 from 15:00-16:00 in Mechanical Engineering LT B and via TEAMs.

On this occasion Dr Mark Keating, Flow Science UK Ltd, UK will be giving a presentation on the following topic:  3D Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling (CFD) for Civil & Environmental Projects

FLOW-3D HYDRO is the complete fluid dynamics modelling solution for the civil and environmental engineering industry. FLOW-3D HYDRO features a streamlined, water-focused user interface and offers new simulation templates for efficient modelling workflows, as well as expanded training materials geared to the needs of the civil or environmental engineer. Powered by the industry-leading FLOW-3D solver engine, along with new developments for mine tailings, multiphase flows and shallow water models, FLOW-3D HYDRO puts exceptional simulation capabilities in the hands of the user. Typical application areas would be dams & spillways, conveyance and infrastructure, rivers and environmental, water treatment, ports & coastal (maritime). In this overview I will provide an explanation of CFD and why/how it is used for civil & environmental projects demonstrated through case studies. I will also explain what is available for students to use today on their undergraduate, post graduate and other research projects.

Mark Keating is the Managing Director of Flow Science UK which is owned by Flow Science Inc (based in New Mexico, US), developers of the commercial CFD software suite of FLOW-3D products for the last 40 years. A chartered engineer of 20+ years, Mark has been involved in CFD tools engineering simulation since his Mechanical Engineering degree in 1995 at Nottingham Trent University. Mark then studied for his MPhil/PhD on turbulent heat transfer which involved development of a liquid crystal facility for gas turbine rotor blade heat transfer development, validated against CFD. Since 2001 Mark has held technical, commercial and management roles revolving around commercial CFD such as technical support, product development, client training, product management, pre-sales manager & regional/strategic account manager (sales), having worked primarily for major commercial simulation software vendors : Gexcon (1.5 years), Ansys/Fluent (16 years) & Alstom/Siemens (8 years) all of which involved use & promotion of commercial CFD. He has been involved in many aspects of CFD such as training, support, services, promotion & deployment and has been exposed to the use of CFD across a broad range of applications and industries, such as Formula 1, Consumer products, Energy & Renewables, Water & Environmental. In his current role as director of Flow Science UK, Mark holds responsibility for the Flow Science UK operation, reporting to the CEO of Flow Science. As well as responsible for growing the Flow Science presence in the UK&I region, he also provides input on strategic, technical and operational decisions at associate & group level. Mark uses CFD tools on a regular basis to conduct technical work, support clients, provide training and deliver related services & projects. Mark sits on a number of committees such as the NAFEMS UK regional steering group, NAFEMS CFD working group, IMechE Thermofluids group etc and is an enthusiastic advocate of the adoption of simulation technologies.

The session will be chaired by Dr D Borman