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LIFD Colloquium: Anna Kalogirou

Wednesday 26 June 2024, 2pm
Electrical Engineering SR (3.52)

Dr Anna Kalogirou, Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics, School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Nottingham

The role of soluble surfactants on the stability of two-layer flow in a channel


This work investigates the impact of surfactant on the interfacial stability of a two-layer shear flow in a channel. The surfactant molecules can get adsorbed at the interface or form micellar aggregates when their concentration is beyond a critical value. A mathematical model is formulated that describes the hydrodynamics and transport of surfactant. The effect of surfactants on the stability of the flow is investigated via a linear stability analysis, and the identified instabilities are followed into the nonlinear regime by carrying out numerical computations of a lubrication-type system. The range of validity of the asymptotic model is estimated by carrying out comparisons with direct numerical simulations (DNS) of the full system of governing equations.

This seminar is in person but there is a hybrid option via Cassyni - Please see the link to the website here.

Speaker profile- Please see the link to the speaker profile here.